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How to Build the Best MyPlayer in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Date: Sep/17/20 21:27:07 Views: 233

NBA 2K21 My Player can be good or bad, but it depends on who controls them. While the builds below have worked well in our hands, they might not mesh well with your playstyle or habits in the game. That’s why it’s important to note that you can feel free to experiment with these players adding or removing attributes when creating. Perhaps you like the core build, but want more finishing badges or want something slightly different. These builds are not set in stone, so experiment with them to see what feels good on the court.

NO.1 Two-Way Playmaker - PG/ SG

The Two-Way Playmaker is a good build that feels well rounded on the court. As the name denotes, "2 Way" means that this player is equally capable on the offense and defensive side of the ball with great badges unlockable for Defensive/Rebounding/and Playmaking. This build will allow you to make plays, with enough shot points to grab 10+ shooting badges, which can keep you potent on the game's offensive side. While the low part of your game will be in the finishing department, your driving layup and dunk should be enough to keep you relevant in the paint.
Once you get to the end of this equation's physical attribute, you’ll likely want to experiment with your weight and wingspan. However, we suggest you keep your height at 6’5 low weight and high wingspan.

NO.2 Tall Playmaker - SF

This Playmaker Build is deadly because of the player’s size. You’re going to be making a 6'6 6'7 Small Forward. This player will be getting their shots consistently with 30 Playmaker Badges and great shooting badges as well. As always, these builds can be tweaked if you’d rather have a few less playmaking badges and more shooting or more defense.

NO.3 Lockdown Defender/Sharpshooter - SF

If you’re looking for pure shooting, you should definitely try to make the Pure Sharp build. As you would imagine, this is a massive green build that will afford you 30 Shooting Badges and all shooting stats at 90+ when you reach 99 overall. This will be a deadly shooter in almost any situation with some ball-handling skills to get open on their own. The Sharpshooter build can be varied a bit to make Playmaking Sharps, Lockdown Sharps, and more; however if you want the Pure Sharp put all the points into your shooting and then rain jumpers on your opponents.

NO.5 Glass Cleaning PF/C

The Power Forward and Center positions in 2k basketball is a dying art, but it’s still essential on a five-person team. A dominant big man can crash the boards, and this build will focus exclusively on cleaning the glass. To do this, you will sink all your points into the Defensive and Rebounding Skills and end up at 95 Overall in Offensive and Defensive Rebounding. Physical attributes can be changed to increase some of these stats even further. While it’s nice to have a taller center or power forward, it’s probably beneficial to keep their height down around 6'9 or 6'10, so their speed doesn't suffer.

NO.6 Paint Beast - C/PF

If you want an idea of what the Paint Beast is, it's Shaq in the'90s. Perhaps a little bit smaller than Shaq, but who isn't. The Paint Beast is an in the paint finisher with 90+ potential for all dunks, close shots, post hooks, and respectable overall post moves. 30 Finishing badges will allow you to finish in almost any situation. The Paint Beast will live and die in the paint. This will not be a player that has a versatile game in terms of shooting outside of the color. This one-dimensional player will try to overpower those in the lane.

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