How long can Harden's explosion in the playoffs last?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-05-10 08:42:45
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In the just-concluded game between the Heat and the 76ers, the 76ers defeated the Heat 116:108, rewriting the total score to 2:2. Harden changed his idle state and scored crazy in the game's final quarter. Thirty-one points, seven rebounds, and nine assists, as if returning to the state of the Rockets that year, this is the second time he has scored 30+ since January 26 this year.

Why Harden exploded in the game
Maybe people are happy that Harden is back to where he used to be, but please don't ignore the fact that Embiid was there at the time, and most of the Heat's defensive resources were spent on Embiid, which gave Harden plenty of power. The stamina and opportunity to dominate the game, which he did not enjoy when leading the team alone.

Harden's ability to break out in this game is inseparable from the referee's penalty scale and the sense of three-pointer. If the referee's penalty standard is in Harden's favor, he can take this opportunity to create a lot of fouls to get free throws. Coupled with the hot 3-pointer, Harden can get a high score.


How long can Harden

Harden in transition
Everyone knows that James Harden is a good player, but since leaving the Rockets, his state has slowly declined, until now with the 76ers. Most of the time, Harden is more of an organization. However, he was unable to stand up and win the game for the team at a critical moment, so he was criticized by fans and the media a lot. But in Harden's own opinion, this is a process that must be experienced in the transformation. Harden has given up the use of the ball for the goal of the championship and willingly plays the role of connecting the team's offense. When the group uses Harden as the tactical core, Harden's possession reaches 35%, but in the 76ers, the tactical heart is Embiid.

At the time of the Nets, the tactical core of the team was Durant and Irving. Harden needed to give the ball to the two attackers, Irving or Durant, at the right time or score by himself and come to the 76ers. After that. Harden continued to take on the task of linking the team's offense. From the perspective of this game, the ability to pass the ball from the surrounding circle and the vision of finding teammates in the crowd are all excellent, which can lead to The more teammates score, the player who benefits the most is Maxi. He doesn't have to overthink things on the court. Just pay attention to whether Harden passes the ball to himself and then shoots. This kind of play is not a problem in the regular season, but it will not work in the fierce playoffs. Under the tight defense of the opponent, the team needs more scoring points to win.

The most obvious example is the few games before the Heat. The opponent tightly restricted the players of the 76ers. At this time, one person is vital to stand up and break this situation. If Embiid is present, he will be the best. Candidate, but unfortunately, he could not participate in the game due to a concussion. At this time, everyone's hopes were pinned on Harden, hoping that he could play the MVP star's ability and lead the team to open the situation. Still, unfortunately, he was also Unable to suppress the Heat, leaving Embiid to face the Heat's Adebayo. No one in the 76ers can restrain him.

Therefore, it can be inferred that Harden's outbreak is only temporary at most and will not last for too long. Although his performance has silenced many people who criticized him before, a game can't explain any problems. On the road, with Embiid back in the starting spot, it's unclear if Harden can continue that performance. Although Harden's performance in the past was excellent, now times have changed, and the 76ers and fans don't have to have too much hope for him. Many stars will grow old in time, and Harden is no exception.


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