Frequently Asked Questions about NBA 2K21 Mechanics & Lineup list & cover star-related

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-08-30 21:26:39
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NBA 2K21 demo was released, and the first important point of contention soon appeared. There is no doubt that the shot put has caused a lot of controversies. For those who don't know, 2K adds a layer to pole shooting. Players can use stick to make jump shots. It has been in 2K for many years, but in NBA 2K21, shot put users have other issues to consider, Here NBA2K21MT shares Frequently Asked Questions about NBA 2K21 Mechanics & Lineup list & cover star-related for you.

Game mechanics related
Q: It is said that this time 2K has removed the "Quick Shot" badge. What have other adjustments been made to balance?
A: We have made many adjustments, and it may take an hour to finish the lecture. But in short, this time, we focused on the improvement of players on the court. If the players operate the joystick correctly, they will be rewarded. Otherwise, they will be punished. In the design of expert joystick control, we hope that players who play for the first time can have fun, and we also hope that advanced players can show some skills that ordinary people do not have.

Q: This time, the "joker shooting" mechanism is re-planned and launched. What is the significance and importance of using the "joystick" to perform shooting actions for the producer? What is the most significant difference from the "timing shot" of the button?
A: the previous button shooting mechanism can still be used. The new "joystick shooting" mechanism is a "big gamble" for players. If today's hand feels terrible, then it is very likely to make a "three non-stick" shot, but if the hand feels good, the chance of shooting a basket is Will improve.
We introduced this mechanism for another reason. It can solve some problems related to network delays. In the previous means of "press timing to shoot," it was challenging for players with low networks to press accurately. With the new mechanism, this problem was solved. The original shooting mechanism requires a little time for everyone to adapt, and once you adjust, you will feel that it is more accurate than the previous tool.

Q: After playing the demo version, I found that the collision volume of players in "NBA2K21" has become a lot more real, and the phenomenon of mold wear has become much less. Behind this, what effort has the production team put in?
A: In this regard, we have indeed made a lot of effort. We hope that the effects of players' physical collisions in the penalty area can be more realistic. In this work, about 50-70 kinds of animations of body movements under collision have been added. Besides, we also hope to focus more on the player's strength. For example, players with large size and strength can squeeze relatively small players. And vice versa.

Lineup list, cover star-related
Q: To commemorate Kobe, this time, 2K21 will launch the Mamba Eternal Edition. Will there be any unique content related to observing Kobe in the game? For example, is there a career challenge mode for Kobe? Will the online store specially produce and sell products to commemorate Kobe?
A: The first thing to say is that we are extremely honored to be authorized to make Kobe the cover character of "NBA 2K21". For players who pre-ordered "Mamba Eternal Edition," they can get all Kobe-related content, including exclusive sneakers, jerseys, and MT Sapphire Kobe cards.
For the next-generation version, we are currently discussing with Kobe's widow, Vanessa, how to better commemorate Kobe in the game, which we will do in the future.

Q: Historical team update. Will the Lakers expect Kobe to lead the second in a row (08-09, 09-10)? Will the Lakers appear?
A: The Lakers' two consecutive championships in the 08-09 and 09-10 seasons are indeed unforgettable. It is a pity that some of the players in the past two years still have authorization issues, so the Lakers do not have the two consecutive championships. Will appear. However, we are still working hard, and there is still some progress in player authorization, so players can always look forward to it in the future.
Of course, this year, we still joined some new historical teams, such as the Raptors, who owned Leonard in 19 and the Warriors who Durant just joined in 2017.

Q: Damian Lillard, the cover character this time, asked the producer about the game. We want to know what exciting questions he asked?
A: Lillard talked a lot with me in private. He is a loyal player of the NBA 2K series. He spoke of many problems and gave us many suggestions, such as how to make the game more fun, and some issues in the past. Many of them involve game balance issues, and we have adopted many of them.
He said three or four times when he chatted with me, "Even if you don't remember other things, you must increase the height of the point guard by 6 feet 8 inches!" We have already achieved this in the game. (laugh)
As Mike said, Lillard has a lot of suggestions on career mode. During the epidemic, he played the career mode for a long time, even for several seasons at a time. He gave many suggestions on the narrative of career mode. It's a pity that when I was chatting with him, this game's career mode has been roughly completed. However, some of the concepts he talked to us are equivalent to sowing seeds, germinating in the next few years, and bearing fruit in subsequent works.