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Familiar NPCs will continue to appear in NBA 2K23's MyCareer

NBA 2K23 Date: Aug/18/22 14:56:53 Views: 333

MyCareer has always been an important part of the NBA 2K series and has a huge appeal to players who like character growth-based modes. Players not only can create exclusive players in MyCareer, but also can go to different endings through different choices. To add to the surprise, some familiar NPCs will not only continue to appear in NBA 2K23, but will also play some important roles.


Familiar NPCs will continue to appear in NBA 2K23

Highly recognizable NPCs play important roles
Some of the more recognizable characters in the game have different titles in different scenarios and perform their own corresponding tasks. From Officer Vasquez, who interacts with "Freq" in the Spike Lee-created story of 2K16's Livin Da Dream, to handling referee duties in 2K22, there's clearly nothing this guy can't do.

The NPC made his debut as a referee in 2K18, but he's had other interesting appearances on the team as well. All of this has hardcore fans betting on where he might show up next. With the number of players involved in the discussion, suggestions range from another referee all the way to becoming a janitor, taking the story of his glory days back to the humdrum of life.

While some fans believe the presence of Vasquez, once an officer, suggests that all of the storylines, in fact, take place in some sort of multiverse, the game itself does not. He's just a character the team conveniently rendered, ready to be inserted when they needed an extra body to fill in the gaps.

Players give feedback to 2K on what it's like to control the ball

NBA 2K23's game director asked fans how they felt about most ball handling in the series and made direct changes based on their feedback. Ball control has been a hot topic in the 2K community. Players wanted a new stamina bar to be implemented in the next game to slow down the garbage possession time, and now 2K23 has assuredly done that with only three stamina packs in the game, effectively reducing the amount of ball control players have.

For this improvement in NBA 2K23, the new stamina feature forces players to pass or move to the basket faster. Players who support it are very supportive, while those who oppose it think the game has been ruined. Through players' constant experimentation in the game, it has been found that when all the moves are strung together, they lose energy faster, which is good for defending the basketball. So far, all feedback from playtesting has been that defense is heavier than offense, and that disappearing stamina does not reappear and cannot be purchased using NBA 2K23 MT.

Players are divided on the issue of nerfed stamina
Some 2K players have some different views on the new stamina system, they are against the stamina nerf and think it is overkill for 2K to do so. But players who support it are somewhat concerned that the balance will be hard to find, and once most YouTube users start complaining after, 2K will likely restore the system after release as usual.

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