Customize the perfect jump shot build in NBA 2K24

Game: NBA 2K24
Time: 2023-11-04 10:37:21
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In a highly competitive competition. If you have a perfect jump shot, it will be the key to winning the game. The following content will be about how to set up the perfect custom jump shot to enhance your gameplay. Once set up successfully, your shooting percentage will be over 90%.



Customized Jump Shot Experience

The most important questions when selecting a 6-foot-8 player are the player's height and mid-range and three-point shooting percentage. We use the standard 68 shots, 63 for mid-range shots, and 78 for 3-pointers.


Next will be an understanding of your playing habits. If your player is a dribbler, the first version of the jumper is the JT Thor Base Sadiq Bay, and the last version is Oscar Robertson. If you don't have enough NBA 2K24 MT to purchase these bases, you can change the mix to 46% Sadique Bay and 54% Oscar Robertson.


Test your jump shot.

The true test of any jump shot is how it performs on the court. The initial trials were rough, with shooting percentages as low as 25 percent. However, after adjusting the mix to 46% Sadique Bay and 54% Oscar Robertson, the results began to improve. In a competition setting, the jump shot began to show promise, leading to a string of successful shots and a newfound confidence in custom creations.


We tested the jump shot in the game and found that we could not construct a top shot with this player. However, after getting used to the jump shot, the shot will get better. They hit seven 3-pointers in one game and found the jump shot pretty good.



Verdict on Custom Jumper

After a lot of playing and overcoming initial skepticism, the custom jumper proved its worth. Despite some inconsistencies, with the right practice and adjustments, it has demonstrated the potential to improve field goal percentage significantly. The coach's expertise, combined with the player's ability to adapt, resulted in a jump shot that truly could change the game.


For players looking to gain an edge in 2K24 matches, investing in a professional 2K trainer for custom jumpers may be a wise decision. While it may take some fine-tuning and practice, the potential benefits are undeniable. As we've seen, with the right guidance and a willingness to adapt, any player can change their shooter and make it to the top.