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Curry and Wiggins get their wish at the same time

NBA 2K22 Date: Jun/18/22 17:06:37 Views: 265

In the previous G6 game of the NBA Finals, the Warriors defeated the Celtics 103:90 away, rewrote the big score to 4:2, and won the season championship. This game is of great significance to the Warriors. After three years, the Warriors finally returned to this stage. It was the Warriors' fourth championship in eight years and the second team to do so since the Bulls during Jordan's time.

Curry finally won the Finals MVP
Averaging 31.2 points, six rebounds, five assists, and 5.2 3-pointers per game in the Finals, Curry became the first player in NBA history to average 30+5+5 in a single series in the Finals +5 player, which makes Curry a well-deserved Finals MVP. The first player in NBA history to be unanimously elected regular-season MVP and unanimously elected Finals MVP.


Curry and Wiggins get their wish at the same time

Wiggins wins the first NBA championship
Wiggins went through several teams in the early years, and it was not until he came to the Warriors that he found his value. Wiggins finally won his first NBA title and earned the second-best player rating in the Finals this season. In the G6 game of the finals, they played 44 minutes and scored 18 points, six rebounds, five assists, four steals, and three blocks. Although Wiggins doesn't score much, his most important role is on the defensive end. In the process of defending Tatum, Tatum made a lot of turnovers.

Changes for Curry and Wiggins
This year's Curry is entirely different from before. First of all, he has increased the proportion of muscle and has become more powerful. Although he has lost some speed and flexibility, from the data of the game, these are all worth it; before in the postseason, On the battlefield of the game, opponents like to name Curry, looking for breakthrough points from him, and Curry has thus become the giant loophole on the defensive end. But now Curry has become more perfect than before. It can be seen from the performance in the finals that the upgraded version of Curry has muscular strength on both offense and defense, which completes the puzzle for the team's defense.

Wiggins' performance in this years regular season was very average. He regarded basketball as his job. As long as he completed the tasks assigned to him by the coach on the court, Wiggins would not be willing to continue to be enthusiastic. But when the Warriors entered the finals, Wiggins realized he would have a great chance to win the first championship in his life, which ultimately ignited Wiggins' passion and made him shine in the finals. Let the fans around the world re-acquainted with "Maple Leaf" Jordan.

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