Can Harden bring good performance in the next season with the release of End Game card?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-07-07 14:35:01
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2K released End Game James Harden player card in the new season, all the attributes and badges in the player card are top of the line, which easily makes players think of the real Harden, his current state is too different from this player card. Fans miss the Harden of the Rockets, can he bring fans a better game next season?

Harden's amazing attributes and badges in 2K's End Game card


All 99



All badges are at the highest level.


Can Harden bring good performance in the next season with the release of End Game card?

Harden's 2021-2022 season on the court
In 2021-2022, James Harden, playing for the 76ers, averaged 22.5 points, 7.9 rebounds, 10.2 assists, 1.3 steals, 0.6 caps, and 4.6 turnovers in 36.9 minutes per game. Shot 41.4% from the field, 87.2% from the free throw line, 34.2% from 3-point range, and a player efficiency rating of 21.4.

In general, the performance of these figures is quite reasonable, but if it corresponds to Harden, these figures are considered poor and cannot match his superstar status.

Does Harden want to win the championship in the next season?
Any athlete has a championship dream, and Harden is no exception. He has gone halfway through his career since entering the league, but has never won a championship. Choose to come to the 76ers and Embiid cooperation, is to be able to compete for the championship, in order not to clash with Embiid's position, he transformed from a full-time point position to a dual-energy position, and concentrated on the organization, so there is a decline in scoring.

In order to next season's championship goal, Harden took the initiative to choose a pay cut contract in the offseason, leaving the team enough payroll space to enhance the team's strength. In terms of training, this year's Harden also became very proactive, starting individual training two weeks after the 76ers were eliminated and gradually increasing the amount of training.

The reason behind all this that Harden has done is because he figured out exactly what he wants. He has come to the most important critical point of his career, from the time he joined the NBA league to now, in addition to constantly suffering from injuries, but also face the reality of the decline in athletic level. The time left for him to compete for a championship is running out, and whether Harden can realize his career dream will depend on his performance next season.

If Harden can fully adapt to his current role position in the new season and play aggressive enough on the court, his rating in NBA 2K23 will also improve, and now the rating is on the verge of 90 points, and many players have been reluctant to spend NBA 2K MT to get his player card.