What level of finishing badge - FEARLESS FINISHER - offers the best value for money? - 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-11-29 07:48:03
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FEARLESS FINISHER is one of the finishing badges in 2K23, which enhances a player's ability to absorb contact from defenders and finish on layups while reducing the energy lost on contact layups. This badge is essential for any player to build, but since there is a limit to the number of points in the badge, what level of FEARLESS FINISHER does one need to maintain to get the most out of it?


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FEARLESS FINISHER test data for different levels

Level Make %
None 20%
Bronze 22%
Silver 24%
Gold 28%
HOF 34%

Test data from NBA2KLab

This is a test by NBA2KLab on Fearless Finisher vs Contest with Contact. From the above test data, we can see that from None to Silver, although the data has been steadily improving, the increase in data for each level is a little, only a 2% increase. However, there is a significant change from Silver to Gold, with Silver to Gold having a larger increase of 4%, while Gold to HOF is a leap forward, with a full 6% increase in data, which is the sum of Bronze to Gold data increase.


How to get the best benefit in different situations?

When there are not enough points, FEARLESS FINISHER to stay at the Bronze level will be fine. As you can see from the data analysis above, none of the stat increases before the Silver level are very large, and while missed layups will often happen at this point, it still gives you a chance to get free throws. If you're away from Gold, then focus more on Slithery and Posterizer, which will make a huge difference together.

If you want HOF fearless finisher and want a layup only build, use 93 close shot & 89 driving layup. should come out to 15-16 finishing badges. just add +1 to finishing to get that gold tier 3.