What changes will the updated MyTeam bring to 2K23 players?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-09-01 07:28:31
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The latest NBA 2K23 will be available to everyone around the 9th of this month. Before that, to enhance the game fun and market competitiveness of the new version, 2K has made adjustments to MyTeam, which is the most critical concern for players, after modifying other features, such as eliminating player contracts, adding a new mode of Triple Threat Online Co-op, etc. Will these adjusted Will the content of these adjustments bring players a surprise? What will be the impact on players in the game? See below for more information.

How will the removal of player contracts affect players?
In response to strong demand from the 2K community, 2K announced the removal of the MyTeam player contract in 2K23, a change many players have welcomed. This will mean that when players start trying to start a new player, they can skip the hassle of signing a contract, and while this practice doesn't match reality, the goal of the game is to have fun, and contracts are ruining that fun.

While the elimination of contracts would be convenient for players, it would also mean at the same time that it would be easier to use purchased new players. Players with money will get a lot of packs through NBA 2K23 MT to get some great player cards, and these powerful players will also be able to be used directly without a contract to enhance the team. Although the enhancement of the team does not necessarily mean that it can win the game, this will inevitably make some players who dislike microtransactions a little dissatisfied.


What changes will the updated MyTeam bring to 2K23 players?

Changes generated by Triple Threat
2K added an online mode to the previous Triple Threat, where players could use teams from MyTeam to play against the AI or other players. From the description of the feature, we can see that 2K intended to increase direct player communication and interaction, but there were other underlying factors besides that. From the description, it is easy to see that players use teams in MyTeam, which means that if you want to get the desired win rate or points, you first need to enhance your team in MyTeam, and the way to enhance your team in a short time is to spend money, while also bringing 2K a good profit. The second is 2K's online matchmaking system. As early as 2K22, many players complained that 2K's online matchmaking system needed improvement, and sometimes it would inexplicably drop or lag. At other times, the opponents' strength is too big, resulting in the online process losing its meaning. I wonder if these failures can be fixed in the new Triple Threat.

MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament
This is good news compared to other news, as Emerald Tier in the new Unlimited will be available until the first GameDay on October 15. Finalists will attend a face-to-face event to crown the $50,000 Console Champion and the $200,000 Grand Prix Champion. This is an opportunity for those with the time and energy to make money. If players are lucky enough to make back the money they spent in 2K and still have a very nice surplus, there are a limited number of spots to win, and the competition will be fierce.

A new prestige system
2K added a new reputation system. The reputation level can be improved in some unique ways. Different reputation level players will unlock other rewards in the game. Players will earn more or fewer season points for each victory or defeat, which will help them to pass the levels. In addition to the rewards for each class, players who win a match can open a new treasure chest after each victory, corresponding to random or fixed rewards. In addition to the tips, the reputation leaderboard is back, and the system will display the reputation statistics of friends and top players in the MyTEAM community. As a bonus, a special icon will be displayed next to the names of the top 10 players. Players also get a special icon to complete all possible seasonal levels and prestige.

Since 2K is preparing to release the prestige ranking feature in 2K23, there will be some matching prestige reward mechanisms in some subsequent events in addition to the known rewards now, which will not only increase the fun of the game but also motivate players to get as much prestige as possible.

Beginner's card

This card will help players in the early stages of the game. The system provides three all-star player cards in the early stages of the game, and players can choose a player to lead their team from these three cards, which can also be used in Triple Threat. After completing ten games in MyTEAM mode, players will receive a Fred Jones Amethyst card with a total score of 90, adding him to the team to take it to the next level. In this way, players will gradually lose interest in those lower-rated player cards and join the player trade without realizing it.

The only few items that don't seem to cost money are the exhibition and trophy cabinet, but not spending money means taking time. The rewards for both items seem more time-consuming and require players to have enough patience.