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S5 Finishing Badges Rank and Earnings Unlocked - 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Mar/16/23 17:14:04 Views: 1057

This article will rank some of the most popular Finishing Badges in Season 5, and at the same time summarize the level yield of badges through test data, and attach the conditions required to unlock different levels of badges.


Badges Ranking



Badge Unlocks and Earnings


Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Layup 0 - 69 79 89 99
Driving Dunk 0 - 70 84 92 98


This badge is well worth the investment for players who love layups or dunks, with the caveat that you'll need to stay within 6'8 and in the Bronze category.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Dunk 0 - 65 79 86 96


The best effect of LIMITLESS TAKEOFF is HOF, but the most cost-effective grade is Gold. Going from 0 to Gold, badge activation increased by 10%, while going from Gold to HoF only increased by 4%.This badge is not friendly to big guys. If you want to get Tier 3, please don't let your height exceed 6'8.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Dunk 0 - 72 85 93 99


From Bronze to HoF, each level will increase by 5%, and the improvement is very average. If you want the best results, please rise to HoF. Using the dunk meter will trigger significantly more poster animations than X/Square. If you want to get Tier 3, please don't let your height exceed 6'10.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Close Shot 0 - 65 75 84 93
Driving Layups 0 - 67 77 87 96


From None to Silver, each level only increases by 2%, but from Gold onwards, it increases significantly. The best effect of this badge is HOF, but if you need more points, you can stay at the bronze level. If you want to upgrade to HoF with the least cost, please refer to the FEARLESS FINISHER data test.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Layup 70 78 86 94
Close Shot 70 78 86 94


If you are 6'5, it will only activate against 6'9+, while 5'10 PGs will see a much higher return. The badge also dislikes big guys.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Close Shot 0 - 63 73 82 95


The premise of activating this badge is that you need to be 3 or 4 inches taller than the other party, which makes the badge less attractive. This badge is just right for you if you're a big guy. If you are under 7 feet, please do not consider this badge.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Close Shot 0 - 67 75 85 96
Standing Dunk 0 - 70 87 94 99


Each level from Bronze to HoF improves by around 5%, a badge perfect for bigs who like to stay in the paint. If you want the most bang for your buck, move up to HoF.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Layup 0 - 65 76 84 94


The bronze to Silver is only a 1% increase, Silver to Gold is a 3% increase, and Gold to HoF is only a 1% increase, so stay on Gold to get the most bang for your buck.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Post Control 0 57 70 80


Bronze to Silver is a 4% boost, and Silver to HoF is a 3% boost for each level. If you like to move low and want the most bang for your buck, go up to HoF.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Standing Dunk 0 - 67 80 90 98


The bronze to Silver increases by 3%, Silver to gold increases by 4%, and Gold to HoF increases by 5%. Undoubtedly, the best effect is HOF, but it is also the most expensive. If you need more than your budget, please stay at Gold. This is the best cost-effective solution. Don't let your elevation drop below 6'9, a badge for big men.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Driving Dunk 0 - 50 66 81 92
Standing Dunk 0 - 50 67 82 93


Aerial Wizard Badge Test

The Aerial Wizard at the Bronze rank has putback dunks unlocked, and the best position for this badge yield is Bronze or Silver.



Attribute Bronze Silver Gold HoF
Close Shot 0 - 49 55 69 80
Driving Layup 0 - 45 55 67 78


The improvement of each level of this badge is minimal, and the maximum increase from None to HOF is less than 6%, which is not worth investing in.

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