Ranking of the best SF cards in 2K23 MYTEAM

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-03-28 06:42:53
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There are many SF player cards in 2K23 MYTEAM. Some cards are easy to get, while some require players to spend a lot of time and effort. But it doesn't mean that the cards that are difficult to collect are the best SF. Those cards that are easy to get will often bring unexpected surprises to players. The current popular SF cards are ranked and described below through data comparison and analysis. Through some descriptions, you will understand that some cards are worth spending less time on.

Top SF Rankings

S Jonathan Bender - 96 Bill Russell - 99 Danny Ferry - 98 Pervis Ellison - 98 Mike Bantom - 98
A Jonathan Isaac - 97 LeBron James - 99 Tim Thomas - 96 Giannis Antetokounmpo 99 Scottie Pippen - 97
B Jared Jeffries - 96 Rudy Gay - 98 Jabari Parker - 96 Darius Miles - 95 Reggie Williams - 96
Ed Pinckney - 96 Paolo Banchero - 98 Michael Porter Jr. - 97    
C Pascal Siakam - 97 Andrei Kirilenko - 96 Josh Smith - 98 Kawhi Leonard - 97 Jayson Tatum - 98
Zion Williamson - 98 Kevin Durant - 98 Paul George - 98    
D Danny Granger - 98 Larry Bird - 99      

Jonathan Bender
He's got a great jump shot and great handles. he could hit people with a curry slide and the curry escape, and he's a seven-foot small forward with some amazing animations in the game just all around. He's a top-five small forward in the game.

Bill Russell
If you value defense, Bill Russell is a must in the game. He's six foot ten at small forward, has a seven foot four wingspan, and legit is the best all-around defender in the game. He's got a 99-3 defense, 96 perimeters, 95 steel 98 block, and has every single defensive half badge in the game. His jump shot is pretty good. They even gave him some solid dribble cigs quick drops off one MJ dribble style normal leaner.

Danny Ferry
He has a great jump shot, good dribble six, and six foot ten at the three.

Mike Bantam
Mike Bantam is the offensive guy and a good all-around small forward. He has a good jump shot and splendid dribble. If he gets his Dark Matter card, improving his jump shot and handles again while maintaining his size, he'll be one of the best small forwards in the game.

Why is Larry Bird last?
People tend to spend about 150 hours getting Larry Bird, but after getting him, he is not even a top-5 or a top-10 small forward. This card is very mediocre,

Why can't LeBron James be ranked S?
The animations on this card are ridiculous, but he's still pretty good at layups, and while everything he does is at such a high level, his jumper is terrible. He would be an S-tier small forward if he had a better jump shot like Kuzma base. Jonathan Isaac, ahead of LeBron, has the same problem.

1. Paolo Banchero dunks more than most players, gets crazy glitchy dunks off spins very fun and good card also pretty cheap.
2. Jonathan Bender is much better than Jonathan Isaac. Players would rather spend over 100K on Bender than 60K on Isaac.
3. Danny ferry is so good that his race performance will surprise you!