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NBA 2K23 Date: Apr/21/23 11:32:00 Views: 127

In the previous article, we introduced the construction of all positions in the team, including the SF of 89 OVR. This article will conduct the construction of SF alone. The difference is that this is a 92 OVR 3PT Shooter SF KEVIN DURANT Construct.


SF - 92 OVR & 3PT Shooter

H: 6'9  W: 202 lbs  WS: 7'3

We get 18 finishing, 20 shooting, 24 playmaking, and 17 defenses, but it doesn't hit the limit.


List of Player Attributes

close shot Driving Layup Driving Dunk
46 43 86
Standing Dunk Post Control
33 99



Shot Mid Shot 3pt Free Throw
47 85 40



Pass Accuracy Ball Handle Speed With Ball
34 87 75



Interior Defense Perimeter Defense Steal
79 79 64
Block Offensive Rebound Defensive Rebound
93 25 32



Speed Acceleration Strength
80 78 33
Vertical Stamina
80 95


Recommended Jumper

Base Release 1 Release 2
Oshae Brissett Tim Duncan Dirk Nowitzki
Shot Release Height: A Def.Immunity: A+
Attributes Release Speed: A Timing Impact: D


Height At Least 6'5 and Under 6'10

Mid-Range Shot 79+ (53) or Three-Point Shot 79+ (92)



For more jump shot options, please refer to the new jump shot guide for NBA 2K23 S6.

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