How will Release Height data have a significant impact on jump shots? - 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-11-03 03:36:09
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This year's Release of NBA 2K23 is a great change from previous years, with a very nice improvement in shooting. 2K has designed a more realistic shooting model in the game, adding unique shooting statistics to the jump shot, each of which has an impact on the jump shot, including Release Height, which is easily taken lightly by players.



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What is Release Height?

Release Height is the Height at which a player jumps on a jump shot. When a player is in the open shot, Release Height plays an insignificant role, but when you take a jump shot against a defender, the Release Height statistic can have a significant impact on the success rate of the jump shot.



The importance of Release Height in the jump shot

You'll know when you're being contested by a defender, and it speeds up your shot better than if you have a lower release height, as you'll be able to see yourself actually moving faster with your jump animation than when you've got a lower release height if that makes any sense. In addition, the Release Height stat also affects the BLK stat, as a higher Release Height will reduce the chance of a defender BLKing you while making you look better on your jump shot and shorten the distance to the basket for easier shots.



The relationship between release height rating and defender height

In addition to making it easier to shoot, the release height rating also reduces the defender's Height in disguise when facing them. From the results of the video test below, it can be inferred that each increase in the Release Height rating is equivalent to a reduction of one inch in the defender's Height.



Comparison of different Release Height tests



Suitable for all types of builds

Base: Kobe Bryant (Pg. 5)
Release 1: Kobe Bryant (Pg 5)
Release 2: Gordan Hayward (Pg. 10)
Shot: A- Height | A+ Def. Immunity
Attributes: A Speed| A- Timing Impact
Release Speed: MAX
Blending: Kobe 54/46 Hayward


This build can cater to different needs, allowing your jumper to achieve at least an A- in all categories. Thanks to the players who shared it on Youtube!



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