How to unlock and upgrade badges in NBA 2K23 quickly?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-09-14 14:54:12
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The new season of NBA 2K23 has begun, and many factors will affect the game's outcome in the latest round of the campaign, and badges are one of the keys. The level and type of badges will directly affect the game's outcome, so how can you unlock and upgrade badges quickly at the beginning of the game?


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The four types of badges required actions

Finishing badge: Turn the play route on in coach settings, press lb at forty-five degrees, there will be a block, and run bottom corner play. Now, go directly around the basket from the outside to ask your teammate for an air catch pass.

Shooting badge: Press and hold the acceleration button and dial down the correct rocker. A small step-back action will appear and pull away and attack directly. There is no interference. Here, we recommend the funnel-type shooting bar in the season reward, the experience is excellent, and the speed of the shooting bar can be modified.

Organizational badge: After blocking with teammates, make an aerial pass to the basket under the basket.

Defensive badge: Outside players can try to make steals from the side or intentionally leave the opponent open for a shot and then quickly fill in. Inside, players grab more rebounds and increase the number of caps.



The best game mode to upgrade badges

The best game to upgrade the badge is 3v3. In the game, a lot of confrontation, offense, and defense, can let the player quickly upgrade the corresponding badge, but the disadvantage is also pronounced. Some other badges in the player's function can not get a good upgrade. For example, as a point guard, rebounding is challenging for the player, so the defense/rebounding badge takes a while to upgrade.



Fastest Way To Unlock Badges - video



How to get the best badge points?

The two most common modes to earn badge points in the game are MyCareer and Team Practice.

In MyCareer mode, regular matches unlock and upgrade players' badges, and very effective, positive action made by players during the game earns them a certain number of points at the end of the match. Players can earn over 10,000 points per session across all badge types if they are active and efficient in the game.Beginner players should note that badge points can only be earned through matches and practice and cannot be redeemed with NBA 2K23 MT.

Each badge type has unique exercises you can complete, categorized by difficulty - easy, medium, and challenging. Each activity will provide you with four practice moves in Team Practice training. In addition, there are ratings from one to three stars, based on the table below.

Difficulty 1 star 2 stars 3 stars
Easy 50 350 650
Moderate 75 400 700
Difficult 100 450 750



Which mode is suitable for beginners?

The best mode for beginners to earn badge points is Team Practice. In Team Practice, trainers gather the entire team and set up their practice for free. These exercises are randomized, and the system will earn you badge points based on the category to which the movement belongs.

A little better than the trainer is the coach, who has the right to organize a basketball tournament where everyone experiences at least one 5v5 basketball game during a season, and players can earn more badge points through the tournament.

The trainer's random practice will give the player a badge upgrade bonus, while the coach's training bonus provides the player with double the prize when upgrading the badge. Trainer-scheduled courses are shorter on average, while coach-scheduled basketball games will run longer and earn more points.

There are many types and numbers of badges, but each player has limited resources. No player can train all of them to the highest level, so picking the most suitable badges to unlock and upgrade is the most important thing, which will allow your player to improve a single attribute quickly in a short period. Once a player becomes better and better, the more badge points they will be able to earn. At this point, going to a more accessible game will earn more badge points, but at the same time, the system will deduct the VC bonus.

If the player is good enough to have almost no bad games, then it is recommended that the player skip all practices to play more professional games to give the badge a chance to upgrade to the highest level.

The last thing to note is that NBA 2K23 extends the idea of needing attributes to unlock specific badges for players. Different badges correspond to additional attribute requirements. For more details, please read - Attribute Requirements to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K23.