How to Modify Affiliation in MyCareer for New Players and Notes - NBA 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-09-21 16:29:23
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NBA 2K23 brings the new MyCareer mode. Although it sounds serious and makes newbies hesitant in their choice, please don't worry. The first thing players need to do after entering MyCareer is to choose an Affiliation, which will determine which team they start their career with. The system allows players to re-choose an Affiliation if they are not happy in their first league organization.


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Modifying Affiliation in MyCareer

Modifying an Affiliation is as simple as traveling across town to a different Affiliation, finding the "Transfer Here" sign, and interacting with it. Once the interaction is complete, the player can select a new Affiliation and submit a transfer request. While traveling through the city, players can choose to fast-travel, reducing the time by 30% and making travel a breeze. There is also the freedom to walk or bike through the city, which provides additional scene immersion but will take more time.



Affiliation Location Index

Affiliation Fast Travel Point City Area
Beasts of the East Beasts Station Southeast
South City Vipers Vipers Station Southwest
Western Wildcats Wildcats Station Northwest
Northside Knights Knights Station Northeast



Change Affiliations Video



Notes on Modifying Affiliation

1. During the first week of the season, the ability to modify Affiliation is free. However, there is a cost after that time, either in terms of fees or loss of statistics. This is mainly to prevent players from changing teams at any time and adversely affecting social groups.

2. Modifications to Affiliation cannot be made in the organization the player currently belongs; the player must travel across town and submit the request to another organization.

3. Players do not need to visit each Affiliation they wish to change when making Affiliation changes; membership transfers can be made to any of the organizations as long as the player is not using the current group.

4. Not all applications will go through. Suppose there are no slots available in the new organization. In that case, the player may not be able to transfer to the desired Affiliation, so the player will need to be patient and wait for the opportunity.



Rewards that Affiliation can give

Affiliation determines a player's daily activity area and can give players a 20% experience bonus when they play on the court. Suppose you work efficiently with other team members and maintain a relatively high win rate. In that case, you will be able to earn a large amount of XP per game, and the additional 20% XP bonus will allow you to improve even faster.