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How to have more free player settings in MyLeague? - 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Dec/09/22 11:12:26 Views: 1920

If you are tired of the storyline and don't want to play for VC anymore, don't miss MyLeague. This article will teach you how to get more control in MyLeague, allowing you to change many different things than you can do in MyCareer.



What free changes can I get in MyLeague?

You can change things like game times and injury history through the game settings and customize the look for different types of games. In terms of player settings, in addition to the basics like a player's wingspan and shoulder width, you can add tattoos to players for free, as well as shoes. More importantly, without VC, you can add any attributes you want. For example, you can tweak Shot 3pt and Ball Handle for free, as well as any badges you want, which is totally doable, and you can even make yourself hot in every area of the court.


Detailed Setup Tutorial - Video


What to do if a locked player is traded?

1. Switch teams.
2. Control all settings, and don't let this happen.


How will I follow my player if I want to change the team?

In the settings, you can change the team you want to control and then let your player join that team!


Can I earn VC in MyLeague?

Usually around 800 for a 10-minute quarter-game. It is important to note that in MyLeague, VC cannot be earned from endorsements or goal achievements but only through matches.


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