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How do players get all the rewards in Trophy Case? - NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Sep/30/22 16:05:42 Views: 5978

This year's NBA 2K23 introduces the Trophy Case program to the game, which enables players to earn some powerful player cards through competitions and provides an excellent way for players who like to collect to build their collections. However, Trophy Case has some rules and restrictions, and it is not easy for players to complete all of their card collections in a short period.





What is Trophy Case?

There are 30 teams in NBA 2K23, and each section has a Trophy Case, which players can view in 'Collections.' The Trophy Case comprises three parts: moment/event/trophy cards, most of which must be redeemed in The Exchange. You will see many different moment/event/trophy/pennant/team photo in The Exchange. To save them, players need to get exclusive redemption cards in the game matches and use them to redeem the cards of the team they want in The Exchange.



Trophy Case all divisional rewards list

Atlantic Division Central Division Southeast
76ers: Allen Iverson - SG/PG - 96 OVR Bulls: Derrick Rose - PG/SG - 96 OVR Magic: Rashard Lewis - PF/SF - 96 OVR
Raptors: Andrea Bargnani - C - 96 OVR Pacers: Jermaine O’Neal - PF/C - 96 OVR Hawks: Kyle Korver - SG/SF - 96 OVR
Knicks: Jeremy Lin - PG/SG - 96 OVR Cavaliers: Zydrunas Illguskas - C - 96 OVR Heat: Tim Hardaway - PG/SG - 96 OVR
Celtics: Kevin McHale - C/PF - 96 OVR Pistons: Richard Hamilton - SG/SF - 96 OVR Hornets: Alonzo Mourning - C/PF - 96 OVR
Nets: Richard Jefferson - SF/SG - 96 OVR Bucks: Brandon Jennings - PG/SG - 96 OVR Wizards: Antawn Jamison - PF/SF - 96 OVR
Division Reward:Patrick Ewing - C - 97 OVR Division Reward:Jimmy Butler - SF/SG - 97 OVR Division Reward:Gilbert Arenas - PG/SG - 97 OVR


Pacific Division Southwest Division Northwest Division
Clippers: Elton Brand - PF/C - 96 OVR Rockets: Steve Francis - PG/SG  - 96 OVR Trail Blazers: Arvydas Sabonis - C - 96 OVR
Lakers: James Worthy - PF/SF - 96 OVR Mavericks: Michael Finley - SF/SG - 96 OVR Nuggets: Dikembe Mutombo - C - 96 OVR
Suns: Steve Nash - PG/SG - 96 OVR Spurs: Manu Ginobili - SG/SF - 96 OVR Thunder: Russell Westbrook - PG/SG - 96 OVR
Warriors: Jordan Poole - SG/SF - 96 OVR Grizzlies: Zach Randolph - PF/C - 96 OVR Timberwolves: Wally Sczerbiak - SF/SG - 96 OVR
Kings: Peja Stojakovic - SF/PF - 96 OVR Pelicans: Brandon Ingram - SF/PF - 96 OVR Jazz: Gordon Hayward - SF/PF - 96 - OVR
Division Reward: Anthony Davis - PF/C - 97 OVR Division Reward: Chris Paul - PG/SG - 97 OVR Division Reward: Clyde Drexler - SG/SF - 97 OVR


After players unlock the rewards above, Trophy Case will offer East and West Rewards, Julius Erving and Tim Duncan, respectively. Once players have opened these two players, they will receive the ultimate trophy box reward - Larry Bird 99 OVR. Although the process is challenging and tedious, it is worth the effort.



How do you get all the players in each Trophy Case?



Other ways to earn rewards

2K has added some exchange cards to the Token Market, where players can choose a special card that can be used in the Exchange if they want to reduce game time. However, this does not mean that all player cards can be obtained through the Exchange. Each team has two tournament cards that players cannot get through The Exchange, one of which is used to complete a team's primary player card, and the other is used to earn three stars against that team in their first reign.



Token Market Trading Tips

Players trading through the Token Market need to be aware that the price of starting players varies from team to team, with some units costing much more than others because it is based on the quality of their best players. Therefore, teams with the best available players will take the longest to complete.


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