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How can I make timing impact green? - NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Sep/12/22 10:57:13 Views: 1865

The latest version of the 2K series - NBA 2K23 - has been released, and the development team has made several rule changes for this year's game, including timing impact on shots.

What is the timing impact?
Timing impact is a statistic in the jump shot portfolio that is an essential factor that players must consider when making a shot. The game's most intuitive impact is timing impact, which is a boost/penalty for good/poor shot timing. A jump shot with a high timing rating will drive well-timed shots more heavily, and the system will have better timing impact numbers.


Jump shot: 7:28

How do I get the best timing impact?
When a player completes a possession on the court, the system will automatically give the appropriate stats, including Shot Speed, Release Height, and other stats such as timing impact, which is only best when the timing impact stat is green. You must find a shot timer that suits you best to get the best timing impact stats. Find "Controller Settings" on the main screen and click on it, there are many items for players to choose from, and the articles related to timing impact are Shots only, Layups only, Real Player %, and Shots & Layups. In addition, players can also change the preferred release time for each shot through the "Shot Timing Release Time" setting. This gives players the option of very early, early, late, or late.

If you are in MyCareer mode, then the method of modifying the timing impact becomes different again. You first need to go to MyPlayer settings, then select the Gameplay Effects tab. The player must choose the Jump Shot Meter tab, and finally, from the list of Graphic Types, and ultimately select a favorite animation from the list of Graphic Types. These steps may look like a hassle, but they are straightforward in practice. The first three steps are done quickly, and the only thing that takes some time is choosing an animation.

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