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How can I get better Shot Speed? - NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Sep/24/22 18:45:11 Views: 613

2K23 introduces some new shooting metrics this year, players' performance in shooting in the game will be affected by these metrics, and Shot Speed is one of these metrics.



What is Shot Speed?

Shot Speed - how quickly the shot gets to its ideal release point. Some players may not well understand 2K's official answer. That's okay. You need to know that it affects shooting percentage. You can set it inside the controller if you want to change your Shot Speed to make it faster or slower.


Where to set the Shot Speed

1. Select the Features option on the home screen.
2. Select Controller Settings.
3. Find the Shot Timing Release Time settings.
4. Choose the type of shot timing that suits you best.


The best settings for most players


What is the connection between Shot Speed and timing impact?

On the surface, Shot Speed and timing impact is unrelated attributes, but through continuous testing, we found that the timing impact mechanism affects Shot Speed.

NBA2KLab, through the timing impact experiment, speculated that the sniper badge might have been removed, but the sniper effect is still in the game, which will determine whether to choose fast or slow when setting Shot Speed.

From NBA2KLab

And with the Shot Timing setting above, we'll see that if you change the release speed and make it slower, you'll get higher coverage, which matches part of the sniper badge's effect.

After looking at this test, we believe that Timing Impact and Shot Speed are the two most critical shooting attributes when creating a jump shot.


Other attributes that affect jump shot analysis

How will Release Height data have a significant impact on jump shots?
How can I make timing impact green?



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