Get the Wiggins agenda reward and use it correctly in the game

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-10-20 10:24:11
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The first season of NBA 2K23 is coming to an end. Before the second season arrives, 2K has surprised everyone by releasing a plan about Andrew Wiggins in the game. Containing six missions in total, and players have about a week to complete them. Getting this card is not difficult. Players are more concerned about whether the card is worth the effort.


Content guide



The location of the Wiggins Agenda quests

The plan about Wiggins is not in the season agendas. It's listed under the actual Takeover Players tab, not season agendas. Players who want to get him should keep searching down.



Tasks and rewards to complete

Task Content Reward
No.1 Overall Pick Score 33 points and get 4 steals with a SF in a game. Badge Award Pack
2015 ROY Make 79 dunks over multiple games. Finisher Award Pack
Timberwolves Wins Win 5 games using 5 Timberwolves players. Shoe Award Pack
Career High PTS Score 47 points and get 4 rebounds with a Timberwolves player in a game. Historic Trophy Case Pack
Warrior Wins Win 5 games using 10 Warriors players. Current Trophy Case Pack
'22 Finals Game 5 Score 17 points and get 16 rebounds with Warriors players in a game. Moments Trophy Case Pack



Wiggins's stats test and in-game performance

Game Performance - 3:30



Task Tips

1. If you have Scottie Pippen, don't forget to play him in the inside scoring challenge. He can help players unlock the scoring and stealing tasks and is the best solution to complete the job.
2. Looney and Kuminga can effectively help players to complete the dunking task.
3. Use Anthony Edwards in the challenge. You will get better scoring and rebounding. KAT is also a reasonable choice for that plan.
4. In the '22 Finals Game 5 mission, the Warriors' 17 and 16 tasks do not refer to one player but to the entire team's contribution.

One last reminder that all missions can be completed offline, the tasks themselves are not difficult and can be easily completed in two hours or less, so if you don't have enough time to get another elite player, then Wiggins would be a good choice for once.