Get all the extra badges in all versions - 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-01-04 03:33:49
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With this article, you can learn how to add 13 additional badges to your players in all versions of 2K23. This method is mainly realized through the combination of some projects such as Flashback Games + sams quests + Rebirth Breakdown. Before introducing the formal forms, a word of warning about some easily overlooked niggles that can bring down the entire process.

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What to do first?

Before this method can begin, you must have played a Summer League match. If you skip the Summer League, even if you complete all the Flashback Games, you will not get the desired results.

Some players played the whole Summer League but didn't get +4. This may be because he didn't respawn.


Flashback Tips

On Flashback Games, You Will Have To Answer Motivator Or Trailblazer.
Motivator = Playmaking And Defense
Trailblazer = Finishing And Shooting

Some players chose Trailblazer for all five games, which resulted in only 2 Playmaking and 2 Shooting. The correct way to do this is to select Trailblazer for the first four and Motivator for the last, giving you another organization badge.


Tomas Tips

Some players believe that in this year's Rebirth, players will automatically get all the rewards from the game's missions. So those +4 badges earned in Summer League are from Tomas, and players will no longer make Tomas missions in the new career.

This perception is false, as players can still earn the Tomas 4 badge after testing.


Rebirth Tips

The four extra will not transfer to another build after respawning. You will have to grind it again on another version.

Some players want to apply the four extra badges they got from Sam to the respawn version so they can get +8 when they complete the Sam quest again and respawn, this is obviously not possible, and the player must complete the quest again in each build.


Get the extra badges for all versions - video