Enhanced AI will become more competent in NBA 2K23

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-09-03 07:19:42
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2K announced that it will enhance the AI system in NBA 2K23, which was briefly introduced in the previous article about the new AI. Here we will detail which aspects 2K is increasing the aggressiveness of the AI and its deliberateness when choosing actions according to the situation. The main areas contained in the AI are offense, blocking, defense, and AI coaching in the game.

AI systems were enhanced on the offensive side of the game.
Developers have improved the AI's ability to understand the position of the defensive side of the ball, and AI-controlled players can now better analyze the current game situation and select the most effective move from their options. They know how to locate defenders through complex, intelligent algorithms, predict defenders' counters, and use the right combinations to exploit openings based on defenders' habits and movement combinations. This makes it significantly more difficult for players to defend, which is not good news for those who prefer microtransactions. NBA 2K23 MT can only acquire players and does not improve players' skills.

In addition to making the AI's offense smarter, the developers wanted to make sure the AI could realistically replicate real-life opponents. As a result, the team built a new AI attack system that allows the system to assign the AI a dynamic signature attack package that contains up to four signature combinations. Every combination can contain up to four single movesets or two combined movesets. Developers can even make modifications and allow the AI to evolve automatically.


Enhanced AI will become more competent in NBA 2K23

AI players' blocking skills are improved.
The AI's blocking performance is another major advancement. Depending on the ball and how they play defense, blockers know how to space and connect with the ball handler and may change their movement path to the basket. In addition, the developers have better communicated to the AI the options for open vs. covered passing routes, aerial pickup possibilities, and hanging on top of the defender.

In 2k23, players must be aware of scorers emerging from blocked coverage. You will see the AI score using various behaviors to score on blocking plays because the AI is aware of the player's defensive coverage and can accurately determine which shots can be made.

AI system enhancements on the defensive side of the ball
The 2K development team has made many changes to most of the defensive systems in the game. In particular, the previous defensive system has been fine-tuned to ensure a smooth game. Spins are sharper and more diverse; blocking defenses are tighter and smarter. The defensive AI delays assistance before opponents can take advantage of a given opportunity. Players have the option to turn off drives and blocks. The system has also been improved with cutter help to control their defensive focus settings better.

Defensive improvements include defensive adjustments based on player performance, with more active players being pressured by more defensive tops. Since it was not immediately clear how specific players were getting so many points and assists, the AI modifications had to be generic. Their success and action engine, refactored this year, can pinpoint how scorers do their damage.

This engine can interpret player actions after scoring, off-screen, isolations, and whether a player scores at the basket. It can detect spot-ups versus players who like to shoot long-range threes after a few dribbles. Based on this recorded data, each AI in the game has its defensive adjustments that the AI will automatically project based on the scorer's shooting efficiency. Players can choose whether they want the AI to help their team make defensive adjustments through the defensive settings.

AI coaching has also been enhanced in parallel.
Dynamic game planning on the coaching end allows the AI to choose how to design the offense from one game to the next. AI coaches will monitor efficiency using game type, free blocks, free throws, and free isolation moves for points per possession. In addition, they will closely monitor isolation and post mismatch efforts as well as mid-range and three-point shooting.

On the coaching side, the dynamic game plan allows us to choose how the AI chooses to attack from one game to the next. AI coaches will track efficiency by looking at game type, free blocks, free throws, and free isolation moves for points per possession. They will also track one-and-one and low post mismatch attempts and mid-range and three-point shots.