Can new AI fix auto-switching flaws in NBA 2K23?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-08-30 01:19:28
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As the release of NBA 2K23 approaches, a lot of information about improvements to the game's features is becoming available on the internet, including improvements to the game's AI features, but it is not known if these changes can solve the auto-swapping problem that has been plaguing players for a long time.

In-game AI improvements
2K acknowledges that the in-game AI has also been improved in the game, not only to understand better where defenders are but also to make hybrid drive attempts. On top of that, AI coaches are smarter and can now track the efficiency of many metrics, perform pre-game match evaluations, and more. They may even be able to eliminate a top scorer who is underperforming and rotates other options.


Can new AI fix auto-switching flaws in NBA 2K23?

Problems players encounter in the tournament
As we can see from the information released by 2K above, the AI coach will rotate some players who are not performing well. Here comes a problem of player rotation. In the previous games, some players said that under the system's intervention, the substitute players had more playing time than the main players, which made the players unable to distinguish which one was the real substitute player for a while. Since the starters' playing time was reduced by the AI, this resulted in players not being able to continue to maintain the advantage they had built up in the early stages of the game.

In response to this situation, players expressed in the 2K community that they would like to see smarter AI logic operating in NBA 2K23, especially in the late game, where inexplicably extended bench time can cause players to lose the game.

In a set of game photos, the player shows his team's star center Joel Embiid's playing time in the game far behind many players with ratings far below his. Despite the system showing Embiid's good health, the AI is still not giving him enough playing time. This Embiid player card was obtained from the auction house at the cost of NBA 2K23 MT to strengthen the team, but the AI's intervention did not achieve the desired goal, making the player feel very annoyed. According to the survey results, there are many other cases like this where their games were messed up by the automatic substitution function of the game's AI.

This happens most often in MyCareer when your player is replaced at the end of the rule and the rotation of substitutes on the field with 3 minutes left in 4OT puts you behind with 8 minutes to go.

Often people complain in the forums that the AI's auto-rotation is garbage. If you watch the CPU itself play, it will often field all centers in the lineup if you have a sufficient number of players and all bigs if you don't. It also likes to have your star player on the bench near the end of the game.

For all of these occurrences above, players would love to see improvements in NBA 2K23, and developer Visual Concepts promises to provide such fixes in the game so that the AI doesn't replace better players for no reason and doesn't play a full-center lineup when making automatic player rotations.