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Can MyCareer run separately from Park?

NBA 2K23 Date: Sep/05/22 18:23:03 Views: 691

Some time ago, there was a message in the Reddit forum that Park was causing some problems for some players in the 2K community when playing the game. They suggested in the community that 2K should let MyCareer run independently in the upcoming NBA 2K23.

The problems players encountered in MyCareer and Park.
It is important to note that in this model, NBA 2K23 MT does not help in any way. Players create a character in MyCareer, and if the player's overall level is 60 OVR, it will be tough to survive in Park. You will not be able to earn enough points through the game, which will put the player in infinite passivity in Park because players with bad attributes can not win points in the game in Park. Without enough points, you can not quickly improve.

A player in the community suggested that MyCareer and Park be operated as separate game modes. But 2K tried very hard to make the game more realistic, and there is nothing wrong with this approach, but it made for some bad experiences for players. He didn't want to go back to Kyle Korver after playing the game, and in MyCareer, he just wanted to settle down as a role player and run around the league with his Myplayer.


Can MyCareer run separately from Park?

Players' views on separating Park and MyCareer
Park and MyCareer are not a genre at all. One is played with friends, while the other is alone to experience a story and win multiple titles. The two shouldn't be confused. Many players still can't understand why the online experience interferes with the offline experience. And casual players will choose to skip Park, and fewer will start playing each year due to the more significant barriers to entry.

So some players have suggested that 2K return MyCareer to its original form, allowing player-created characters to go through the story mode and become legitimate full-fledged superstars and, if possible, allowing online players to take their archetypes directly into the Park without being forced to sit through the story struggling for badges and such.

But some players don't support this, arguing that players will lose more money if you separate Park and MyCareer and that you have to make a separate MyCareer and Park Player and upgrade them separately.

For MyCareer, the badge upgrade system would allow players to improve their skills systematically through practice and in-game representation over their careers.

For Park, players select their height/position/prototype and receive an assigned badge to apply. Players can even have a progression system to unlock better badges as they gain prestige by playing/winning games. This way, there is no potential cost in money or time to start playing Park.

The current mix of MyCareer/Park and VC is the solution 2K has given to regulate the balance between the two through VC while bringing profitability to the company, which is what 2K would love to see unless 2K can find another alternative if it wants to break that balance.

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