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All Contact Dunk requirements in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Date: Sep/23/22 17:12:51 Views: 1228

Here is the complete list of all the contact dunks in NBA 2K23 (thanks to Twitter user Beluba) and what sort of stats you will need to be able to perform them:


Contact Dunk StandingDunk DrivingDunk Vertical Height
Pro Contact Dunks Off Two 0 84 70 None
Pro Contact Dunks Off One 0 84 75 None
Elite Contact Dunks Off Two 0 92 80 None
Elite Contact Dunks Off One 0 92 82 None
Small Contact Dunks Off Two 0 86 85 Below 6'5''
Small Contact Dunks Off One 0 86 85 Below 6'5''
Pro Bigman Contact Dunks 80 0 65 Above 6'10''
Elite Bigam Contact Dunks 90 0 75 Above 6'10''


Note: Vertical requirements are new gen only.

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