2K23 Season 6 reward list and rule changes

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2023-04-06 03:41:44
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The sixth season is coming soon. 2K not only released a lot of rewards for the new season but also made some adjustments to the game rules and solved the problems that some players often encountered in the game.

MyCAREER Rewards

Level 30 Jetpack
Level 39 Core Badge Pattern Package 2 (Current-Gen)
Level 40 Glider (Current-Gen) / GOAT Mascot (Previous-Gen)

In addition, there are new themed artworks and brand-new clothing brands that will also meet players. 2K will release more detailed content after the official start of the new season.

MyTEAM Rewards

Level 1 Ruby Shaquille O'Neal (Growth Card)
Level 2 Ruby Sue Bird Coach Card
Level 40 Dark Matter Hakeem Olajuwon

Holographic, Unicorn, and Fire Basketball Cards will also be available in MyTEAM, but that will be the official release of the new season.

Problems solved in the new season
1. Fixed an issue allowing players to double-dribble after a pump fake without a violation called during 1v1 games.

2. Their gauges are very casual whenever players finish the game and arrive in the lobby. Many players have this problem, and 2K has solved it together in this updated patch.

These changes may be a good thing for players, but it is also a small number of changes that 2K made in Season 6.

If 2K tied season rewards with vc earning potential, like having park/rec endorsement deals. Like imagine similar to GTA online, you get to the season level where you can buy certain buildings and businesses(we have a city, after all ), deposit a chunk of vc in those businesses, and after playing about 50 park games or less for REC, you make a huge minimum profit plus a bonus for satisfying certain quotas of your choosing like quests(get 25 B- or higher teammate grade or something like that).

Please stay tuned to nba2k21mt.com. We will continue to report on the follow-up content of 2K23 Season 6.

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